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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You know there is something really satisfying about taking a hammer to a wall. It's not fun every minute, but I have to tell you on the whole, I LIKE it. Now if you are planning to take hammer to wall, let me give you some advice:
1. Remember that there are things like wires and pipes behind walls. You could find yourself in quite a costly mess if you are not careful when you break into a wall. If you were planning on moving that wall you will also have to move what is in that wall. Take that into consideration before you start whacking away at sheetrock.
2. Some walls are "load bearing" walls. This means that they are carrying the weight of the roof and you can't just knock them down because your roof might just cave in.
3.Just be thorough in your preparation. With a little imagination you can do some amazing things, but be sure that you have accounted for everything first. 
So after we have filled one 30yd dumpster, here are some pictures.

All the crap inside must go outside first. I'm sure the neighbors have been excited to look at it. It's all in a dumpster now. I think in the long run they will forgive me for the mess.
As you can see, it's coming along.
Happy Fixing!


Nicole said...

I'm so confused. How come you have to take out so much of the sheetrock?

ToolBeltTerri said...

Nicole, some of the walls are being moved. The master bedroom and living room/ kitchen are being switched. Stop by if you see my car and I'll give you a tour.

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