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Monday, November 9, 2009

Replacing A Lockset

I needed a new lock set for my garage, so you get to watch me put it in. Yay!

First things first. Here is a little info about lock sets….I think they are really about personal preference. There isn’t a certain brand I like better than the other. (Unless they want to pay me to tell you that there is, but they don’t. If they did, I would tell you that they are paying me.) If it’s exposed to the weather, make sure that it’s tarnish resistant. If you don’t, you will want to replace it in about 3 months. I also looked at the “Kwikset smart key” (you can re-key it yourself). Not sold on it. From what I could understand from the brochure, it gives you two sets of keys and you can key it to either set. Just don’t lose the tool to re-key it. I wouldn’t waste my money. (Sorry Kwikset) So pick out one that you like and let’s get started.

Here are all the pieces. Don’t be scared it’s not that bad. You will need a Philips screwdriver (the one with the x ).

Before we actually put it in the door, put all the pieces together so you are comfortable with how they fit. Start with the Dead Bolt.

Take the piece with the dead bolt in it, (the long piece) and put it with the piece that has the pin sticking out. (You can see the pin will only fit one way through the hole. You may have to turn the pin, and notice the dead bolt is marked “UP”. Make sure it is “UP”.) The two outside holes should line up with the holes on the lock. Now take the back piece of the lock and slide it over the pin and line up the holes on it to those same holes on the dead bolt piece. That is just how it will fit in the door.

Now for the door knob, take the part of the handle with the pin sticking out of it and slide the long piece over it. (Just like the picture shows.) Now place the other side of the handle onto the pin. Again, that’s how it will fit in the door.

So let’s go put it in!

Remove the old lockset. Just unscrew it at the dead bolt or handle, and pull both sides out. Then unscrew the piece in the middle of the door, and slide it out. Now take out the strike plates in the door jam. Demolition is now done. =)

Here is al little trick. After you remove the old lockset, to help the new screws fit tighter, we need to fill the holes. If you have a wood shim, brake of a piece of the thin end, and with your box cutter, make small sticks. (If you don’t have a shim, wood toothpicks work just as well.) Put them in the hole that the screws were in. They should be snug. Brake them off so they are flush. This will help the screws “bite” and hold tight. That is a good trick anytime you are replacing wood screws.

Take the dead bolt piece and push it in the hole in the middle of the door (Make sure you place it in the “UP” position.). Take the piece with the key lock and the pin and push it in the hole on the outside of the door. (Remember to line up the holes. Your key hole should be vertical.) Place the back side of the lock over the pin and line up the holes. Take the longest of the screws (like the picture) and screw them into the holes in the lock. (You may have to fish them around a little to get them to line up, but don’t force them.)

 Don’t tighten the screws all the way just enough to hold it together. Now take the small wood screws and screw them into the center piece. Now you can snug up the screws, but don’t get them too tight. Your lock will be hard to turn if it is too tight. Last, put the strike plate back on with the longer wood screws.

The door knob is basically the same procedure.

Put the center piece in first so that the angled part is toward the outside as shown. Put the part of the handle with the pin through, lining up the holes, and put the other side of the handle on over the pin. Snug it all together, and put the other long screws in. Again, don’t tighten it all the way. Put the small screws in the center piece, and snug up all the screw. Now, put the strike plate on with the small wood screws. (The bent side goes toward the inside.)

You just put in a new lock set! Interior doors are just like the handle part, so don’t be afraid to change them out.

Happy Fixing!


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