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Monday, October 26, 2009

Girl Tool Box

Ok ladies here it is. You can do so many things with just these few tools. As we take on different projects, there might be some other tools that you might want to get, but this will take care of so many things. Let’s go over them.

From left to right: Always keep some foam brushes. They are great for touching up paint. I always keep the left over paint I use plus a paint sample card. I write on the back of the card where I used that particular paint. Paint in the can won’t last forever and any home improvement store can make you a fresh batch from a paint sample. You will also need a hammer. Hammers come in many sizes. You don’t need a 24oz framing hammer. I won’t be showing you how to frame an addition to your house, but I promise if my husband and I get a wild hair to add on to our house again (perhaps a room for all of the hunting trophies that I’m not particularly fond of), I will certainly document it. All you will need is about a 10oz finishing hammer. After the hammer, are needle nose pliers. There are all kinds of pliers out there, but I have found in most cases needle nose will do just fine. Look for some that have wire cutters in them. That’s the sharp part at the bottom of the mouth of the piers. You need a screw driver. This kind is my favorite. It has two Phillips heads (that’s the one that looks like an x),


two straight heads (that’s the one that looks like a ---), and the ends of the tube part are nut drivers that will fit some common sizes of nuts. If you don’t get one like this, make sure you get both a phillips and a straight screwdriver in a standard size. Next is a crescent wrench. Just a small one will do for basic tasks. Next to that is a utility knife or box cutter. The second to last is a 2 inch putty knife. We will be using the putty knife in our next project. Last is a pry bar or cats claw. This tool is used for prying out nails. The same as the claw end of the hammer, but much more effective. Now you need a small bag or toolbox to put all of it in. Yes, that is a lock you see by the bag. I don’t care how much the people you live with love you, they will steal your tools. Just face it now and it will save you much frustration later.

Case in point; I come walking into the kitchen one day and I see my 17 year old son working on his bow. As I look closer, the tool he is using is my jewelry pliers. Not pliers made for normal use. These will bend easily. I asked my son what was he doing with the pliers, and he gleefully responds, “These are great!” “Put the pliers down and back away from the counter and nobody has to get hurt” is the reply he got from me. In a house full of boys, tools go missing on a frequent basis.

Happy Fixing!


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